How Important is GMB for Local SEO?

November 2, 2021 12:03 pm

How Important is GMB for Local SEO?

Today’s world is more concerned about virtual visibility; therefore online impression is the first impression for any business nowadays. They cross-check throughout the online platforms and take major decisions accordingly before acquiring services. Therefore, getting listed on GMB will be beneficial for your business to improve the leads.


Google My Business is often regarded as the most important local ranking criteria. It indicates that GMB has the greatest influence on where your business appears in local business search results.


eWoke is the best SEO Agency in Kochi, offering a bundle of services including GMB listing and optimization. Here are some points to consider why we must go for GMB for Local SEO.


1. Improve Local Ranking

There are many boosting factors that are responsible for ranking any business higher on GMB. The three major are as follows:


GMB gives priority to the complete satisfaction of the user. Thus, be specific and focused on what services are being offered. Therefore, the customer would find it according to their needs if GMB found that you have what they prefer.


Location plays a significant role with GMB. This is because of any person who needs to get some services near his or her area. GMB detects his location and gives him the list of all the nearby businesses that offer what he prefers. Thus, it would help in local SEO to boost the offer.


Prominence evaluates the complete activities related to your profile. None of the users go in search of low-quality services. Thus, Google filters any profile based on the reviews, backlinks, events, local content, etc. They tend to list based on the complete activities; therefore, updating is necessary on any profile.


2. Easy to Locate on the Map

GMB helps in locating your business. By giving the location details, you could also add the other necessary details such as opening and closing time, website link, and even your contact details.


3. Helps in Reviewing

GMB reviews help in improving online exposure as well as local SEO ranking. Instead of visiting the website, people are curious about contacting the business directly for their requirements. Therefore the number of online reviews provides a great impact on local SEO as well as the growth of any business at present.


4. Easy Communication Possible

GMB helps in easy communication via adding messaging features and question and answer sessions. It is critical that the owner responds promptly. Google displays a badge or information on our profile based on our response time, such as “Usually responds in a day/in an hour,” to entice visitors to interact with us.


Having an accurate company listing can help you rank higher in local searches. Contact us at +919072382964 for the best Local SEO services for your company.


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