How Page Load Time Impacts The Conversion Rate ?

September 1, 2021 5:51 am

How Page Load Time Impacts The Conversion Rate ?

Nowadays, users, especially online shoppers, are not even patient enough to wait for a second for page loading. They seem happy to load any page just after their finger touch. Thus, your page speed might probably have a role in the conversion rate too.


As your website becomes complex, there is a chance of decreasing the speed. Proper maintenance is necessary for any site to improve its speed and conversion rate. To raise your site to the point of success with customer satisfaction, consult the leading Web Design & Development Company in Kochi.


Here are some facts that could help you to improve your website speed. You should conduct a page speed analysis and also consider the following points.


  1. Remember to optimize all the images and videos.

Before adding images and videos, remind that these would become a problem because, it has a chance of decreasing the speed of your site. Thus, you should thoroughly optimize them at its peak. Reduce the size and make changes wherever possible to improvise the speed.

  1. Make use of a caching, page speed plug-in

Another way to improve your site speed is to use page caching. It can be used as a static HTML version of a particular page which could avoid time-consuming queries to your website database. It could decrease the server load by 80% thus it would increase the site speed.

  1. Improve your hosting package.

When it tends to have a lot of traffic to your site, your hosting package may not be able to handle it, and thus it may severely affect the page speed. Always hang on to high-quality hosting packages which are capable of handling huge traffic.


Thus, keep your website loading fast and efficient. Keep optimizing it for mobile as well as desktops in order to reduce the bounce rate. Try to place your images to a minimum, and get support of the coding experts to help lighten the weight of your web page. For better site satisfaction and conversion rate, call us at 090723 82964.


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