How to Perform an SEO Audit

October 26, 2022 11:37 am

How to Perform an SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit? You might have confused the words SEO, and auditing. SEO audits examine your website in-depth to assess a number of elements that affect how well you do in SERPs, or search engine results pages. The elements include in your web page such as off-page, on-page, and technical SEO.


Conducting an SEO audit is the essential starting point of any website to examine and analyze the spams, problems, and everything on your business. To make sure a website’s usability both internally and externally, it’s critical to assess its general health. The sitemap, anchor text, and social networking platforms should all be the subject of an internal examination. Performing an SEO audit will also reveal warning signs that you need to address.


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While doing SEO Audit, you must consider some crucial points such as off-page, on-page and technical SEO.


Here are some of the areas that SEO audit will cover:


Keyword Usage : Keywords are the important factor, an audit will help you figure out how well you used the keywords on your website, is that optimized or not, and it would bring the optimum traffic on your website, and all. From that results you can add more keywords and can optimize based on that.


Checking Backlinks : Based on the level of the websites that link to yours, search engines can assess the worth of your website and how valuable it is to users. Driving targeted traffic to your website can generate qualified leads for your company, which can eventually lead to actual purchases. You should also be familiar with your backlink checkups and your competitors’ backlink profiles as part of the SEO audit.


Sitemaps : Sitemaps is the another important factor, HTML and XML sitemaps are two types of sitemaps you should have. Every page on your website is linked to by an HTML sitemap, which can be used by visitors and web crawlers to locate pages that may not have internal links going to them. This is the overall structure of a website mainly.


Page Speed : Checking your page speed in mobile and desktop is the best part because no one will stay your website if your website speed extends greater than 3 seconds. If your website is slow, visitors will go to one of those faster sites, which will raise your bounce rate and lower your search engine rating. During your SEO audit, you can examine your page performance using Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool, which will show you how quickly your website loads on desktop and mobile devices and provide advice for resolving any issues.


Mobile – Friendliness : Checking your website mobile friendliness is the important factor, the majority of consumers now access websites and their content via mobile devices, Google now prioritises mobile-first when crawling and indexing new websites. The text may not be readable if someone views your website on a phone since portions will be cut off, so checking and clearing that error is really essential.


Site Security : Site security is the important factor, and Google will confirm is your site is secure or not. You may have noticed that a notification with the words “secure” or “not secure” is displayed at the top of a browser, right next to the URL. Anyone who enters their information on your website runs the danger of having it stolen if it isn’t secure. The data on this website is encrypted and protected.


The above mentioned are some factors we can analyze while doing an SEO audit.


SEO is an inevitable part to boost your website ranking, without improving your SEO ranking you can’t drive traffic on your website. For more SEO services for your business get in touch with us on +919072382964.

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