How to Speed up Website and Maximize Conversions

February 25, 2022 6:54 am

How to Speed up Website and Maximize Conversions

According to Google, there is a chance of increasing the bounce rate by 32% if the page speed is 1-3 seconds delay. It might severely affect the potential leads. Thus keep an eye on your page speed which could intensely take away the visitors from showcasing as well as visiting our website.


We the team eWoke, being the Best Web Development Company in Kochi, Kerala, India offers the best-qualified development services with efficient web pages. Some of the basic ideas to get rid of the low-performance site are explained below.


When the content location is been changed, redirects are being used in order to divert the users and search engine to the new location, It might happen when the page is deleted or the domain name is changed, therefore it might result in a repeated DNS process, that causes to lower the website speed. These broken links and redirects may test the patience of your user and they tend to step back from moving towards the sales funnel. Therefore fixing broken links and redirects would help you to keep the users in your hands forever.


In order to enhance web page load times, CDNs lessen overall data transfer quantities among the CDN’s cache servers and the client. Both the latency and the desired bandwidth are decreased when the overall quantity of data transferred is going down. The end result is quicker web page loading and decreased bandwidth costs. A slow website tends to take way your overseas customers fully. You may use CDN for monitoring and enhancing the global experience of your website.


Inlining the script contents removes the external request for small. js and permits the browser to supply a quicker time to first render. However, observe that inlining additionally will increase the size of the HTML file and that the identical script contents may need to be inlined across multiple pages. Eliminating render-blocking resources can assist your web page load considerably quicker and enhance the website experience to your visitors. As Most traffic and conversion analytics systems have established the usage of Javascript code. Ensure that yours aren’t slowing your website down.


Your information and data including images are saved by your browser cache. Therefore it could help the bandwidth so for the next time you visit it would quickly download the page. As return customers bring the highest revenue this could be beneficial to attract the return customers as they experience a very good page performance.


When your server response time is likely to be very fast, then you may easily hold your visitors on your site, which results in less bounce rate. it is best to reduce your server response time to 200ms. Some of the reasons behind slow server response can be slow application logic, slow database queries, slow routing, frameworks, libraries, resource CPU starvation, or memory starvation. Therefore thorough monitoring of the server performance is necessary to keep an eye on the site preventing visitors to step back.


Hope you are ready to avoid possible delays on your site. Get in touch with us soon on 090723 82964 for the best assistance.

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