Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Business Without Chatbot

September 11, 2021 12:33 pm

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Business Without Chatbot

A chatbot is an AI-based software that is designed to interact with the people who appear on our landing page. Without the physical presence of the human, it could handle the queries of website visitors as such as a robot does. Thus, the word chatbot is derived from the word chat robot.


In your busy schedule, your time runs out easily without leaving a single second to spend on your coming inquiries, and there is a chance of missing out on the potential customers as well. To make you more relaxed and economical, go for a chatbot on your website. For more assistance, keep in touch with the leading Web Design & Development Company in Kochi to place your chatbot on the landing page.

Here are some facts that could help you realize the benefits of chatbots and the reasons why you shouldn’t run your business without a chatbot.


 Quality Leads

Chatbots take the initiative to ask questions, and there is a chance of getting high-quality leads from among the website visitors. The questions that arise are from the business aspects. Through this method, there is a chance of getting only relevant leads.



Chatbot helps the employees as well as customers to give and get the live interaction based on the marketing or sales etc. There is no live agent required in between. Therefore, the visitors need not wait until the arrival of agents; they get instant messages with the required information.


More Chances to Open

One of the attractive facts of chatbot is that it has higher open and click-through rates than email. This is clear from the given statistics that the Chatbot has about 15%-60% CTRs, whereas email has only about 4%.


More Sales

As chatbot improves the customer service, it thereby results in a high number of sales without missing any potential lead. It helps the marketers to add value and make a profit from their business. Thus, sales percentage seems to be always at the peak by using chatbots.


Save Costs

Chatbots can save about 30% of the customer service costs and could help to respond even quicker by answering up to 80% of your routine queries.


Chatbot services are therefore essential for any business. It would definitely improve your firm with quality outputs. Reach us at 090723 82964 for fixing your dream chatbot.




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