Tips for Indicating to Google Which Country Your Website is Targeting

December 22, 2021 12:37 pm

Tips for Indicating to Google Which Country Your Website is Targeting

Google being the most favorable search engine in the world have many tips and tactics to appraise your targeting location. Sometimes, your niche might be country-specific, therefore it’s very sufficient to hack the methods for it.


A company can use a variety of digital platforms and methods to obtain clients in another country. As the top Digital Marketing Company in Kochi, Kerala, India, we employ a number of innovative strategies that will assist you in using search engine marketing to target specific locations.


Each country does have an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) which helps to uniquely identify any country that website belongs to. While performing Search engine marketing Google algorithm tends to scan Your URL, website address and consider it as a piece of code. From the URL Google could identify the set of visitors for your site through ccTLD. It will be more beneficial to set up your domain corresponding to the country which you are focusing to target. Sometimes your site URL might be attached to domains that are generic. Therefore it will not be possible to inform your targeting location via URL. In such cases, you may use the Google webmaster tool for providing the country specification.


The language is a true indicator of which your country belongs to. This is because Google is aware of the country-specific language and when we use that language as our website content Google would showcase our website to the audience who belongs to the country which follows the same language.


Inbound links or backlinks are a necessary aspect while setting up your website in any country. Make sure that you have a set of inbound links coming from the same country which you are targeting. This might give a trustable feeling for Google to showcase your website for the queries that arise similar to your keyword. Apart from this try to include the location information where ever possible in order to give a green signal for Google.


For more fine-tuned location targeting techniques for your business growth, feel free to reach us at 090723 82964.



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