Why Should We Avoid Toxic Backlinks?

July 19, 2021 12:13 pm

Why Should We Avoid Toxic Backlinks?

Before we go into the reasons for avoiding toxic backlinks, let’s define what a toxic backlink is and why they exist. Toxic backlinks are the links through which our SEO can be harshly affected. When our SEO finds weaker, there is a chance of missing our organic visitors, thereby missing our quality leads.

Some of the examples of toxic backlinks are press release links, discussion form links, links from foreign guest books, random no-follow links, etc.


Reasons behind the toxic backlinks

There are several aspects through which our backlinks can get very toxic. The very first reason is the low domain authority score. The domain authority score is simply the measurement of the success of a particular website. If the score is very less, it is found that the website is poor and not trustworthy. If we intensely go behind such websites for submitting the backlinks, our website may go down due to the infinite number of low-quality websites. The next factor is mirror pages. If similar web pages on multiple web pages are linking to you from the same anchor text, search engines may see this as a link-building scheme. The last reason is the poor page quality. If the ratio of visible text to HTML is very low, the linking website may be displayed as low quality.


Impact of toxic backlinks

If you get impacted by toxic backlinks, your page rank may go down. This may finally result in penalties. Penalties are allotted in different ways. An algorithm named penguin is introduced by Google in 2012 which targets low-quality links. Websites that follow link-building schema may tend to face a Page Rank down due to this algorithm. Google has improved the algorithm’s ability to detect and penalize poor links. If it finds a bad link, it will penalize you depending on your profile.


Ways to check this issue

In order to verify such an issue, log in to your Google webmaster tool and get an overview of all incoming links to your website. Consult an SEO expert for better assistance. Review the backlinks to your site and assess their credibility.


How to resolve this issue?

You can ask your webmaster or site owners to delete those links. You can also use disavow tool to delete them. The very next step after deleting this backlink is to inform Google about the steps you have undertaken to remove the backlinks. This could help to escape from being a victim of penalties imposed by Google. However, you must monitor the backlinks thoroughly.

Backlinks are crucial for your website to rank better. But you must ensure that your backlink is an accurate one for yours. The toxic backlinks always exist. But before getting into penalties, you must remove them wisely. There is no limit to how many backlinks you should create. Building hundreds of backlinks in a single day, on the other hand, could be termed blackhat SEO. This will have a negative impact on your website as well. Consult the top SEO Agency in Kochi if you have any additional questions or need assistance.

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